Premium odor absorbing carbon lined bags. The Avert range of activated carbon bags is a practical and secure means of transporting precious cargo. Odor-absorbing lining ensures you can travel safely without worry of leaking unwanted scents. The ultimate in smell control.  The Avert range offers the best in odor-absorbing solutions. Premium odor-absorbing carbon lining with protective mesh 600d polyester/pvc waterproof  outer material

Water and smell resistant zipper

Superior heavy duty design

Industrial velcro


Each bag has its own unique features

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Avert Large Duffle

The Avert Large Duffle Bag is our heavy duty transportation solution. Our Duffle Bags feature seriously tough engineering for heavy and odorous cargo. Featuring water/smell resistant lockable zips outside a powerful activated carbon lining, the Avert Duffle bags are built without compromise.

Avert Backpack Insert

The Avert Backpack Insert has been precisely designed to fit inside your existing backpack. Alongside the impressive odor-absorbing activated carbon lining, it features a unique dual flap system to give further protection and peace of mind.

Dual Flap System

Fits inside your standard backpack

Avert Travel Bag

The Avert Travel Bag is designed for your convenience and reliability. Featuring our powerful odor-absorbing activated carbon lining with water resistant zips, our Travel Bags will help you get to your destination safely!

Avert Pocket Bag

The Avert Pocket Bag is our ultimate odor-absorbing companion pouch. Small and comfortable for your wellbeing, we even included a specially placed magnetic holder for opportune storage!  14 x 11.5cm

Super strength Magnet

The Avert RF Signal-Blocker is an anti-signal pouch that blocks all radio frequency waves (GPS, WIFI, GSM, 3G, 4G etc.).

The Signal-Blocker Pouch is designed to prevent all radio frequency waves from passing through it.

It's lining is equipped `with advanced nano-size particles that block incoming and outgoing signals and radiation.

By placing your smartphone / cell phone in the Signal-Blocker Pouch it protects you from digital intruders.

- Blocks GPS, WIFI, GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, RFID, etc

- 2 sizes available: 16.5cm x 9cm (fits iPhone6 and similar models)

                               19cm x 10cm (fits iPhone6 Plus and similar)